POTEKA, a personal weather surveillance. For anybody, anytime, anywhere. 24 hours real time weather data is now yours.

High density weather observation system. POTEKA

Measuring, Analyzing, Communicating




Choosing weather information from specific place.

Specific weather information can be easily obtained by installing POTEKA in specific regions. The data is accessible anytime and anywhere from the web.

Getting real time weather change information.

Seven types of weather element*) are observable through POTEKA. Combined with weather radar, you can easily monitor complete real time weather change.

*) temperature, air pressure, humidity, sun radiation, wind speed and direction, rain detector, precipitation

Knowing weather pattern from reliable database.

With POTEKA database, weather pattern analysis, even at specific places, can be generated. More data will produce more accurate analysis.

Observation system and data dissemination


Maintenance by customer is not required

Remote monitoring and inspection services are provided by Meisei Electric

Damage/periodic parts replacement is included


Quality check and statistical analyses are conducted through Meisei Electric's cloud server


Special software is not required

Data is accessible through web browsers

POTEKA supports your safety, daily life activities and businesses


Through its pinpoint weather information, POTEKA is an effective means to reduce any impact of sudden weather change on peoples or properties.

Daily life

When it comes to sudden weather change, POTEKA is a helpful and powerful tool to ensure that your daily life is going smooth and stress-free.


POTEKA will also contribute in creating business opportunities. Here, let us introduce POTEKA's business solutions.

*) Specifications and services are subject to change without prior notice

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