Design concept of New ARS

"Technology that supersede turntable"

Disadvantage of previous ARS

Turn table system

Turn table system

There is just one inflating point for balloon and sonde on turn table.
When a failure occurs on turntable, the system cannot continue the following operation until it is repaired by a trained staff.

To solve above disadvantages,
Meisei developed an ARS of a new concept called
“Canister Type” with the following features.

1.Canister module for large number of sonde loading
2.New simplified wind shield for smooth launch
3.Simple and redundant structure for stable operation

Features of New ARS

Canister module

Loading number :Maximum 40 sondes and adjustable from 4 sondes

Miniaturized canisters are placed on 1m X 1m plate, and those are modularized as "Canister module".


The mechanism is simple and failure will reduce because a canister doesn't move.
The respective canister fills a balloon independently.

Wind Shield for Safety Launch

Turning wind shield hatch is effective for safety launch in strong wind condition but it is complicated mechanism.
New slide celling and wind shield achieves the same function as turning hatch by simple structure and movement.

Previous system / NEW ARS

Redundant structure

The right canister module and the left canister module are independent systems.
It realizes high observation continuity by making the gas, air and electric system redundant.

Easy sonde loading

The canister module on one side can be moved to the preparation room to load the sonde and the operator can work easily.

Fail-safe operation

New ARS can recover from balloon bursts on filler without human intervention at the site by using another canister.
An operator no longer visit ARS to remove broken balloon and restart ARS during observation window.

High remote operability of New ARS

Headquarter PC

On the Headquarter PC,

1.House keeping software for monitoring and maintenance each ARS site
2.MGPS2Remote for viewer and editor of observation data
3.Web site for editor of observation schedule and viewer of system configuration
4.Announce software to notice an event and an accident are installed,

Web sites (servers) exist in each ARS site.
All information and data have been stored in DB at each ARS.

Various central monitoring/control functions are provided by using application software and web browser to access the database on workstation installed in ARS.
All ARS is managed by the operator in the headquarter and realizes efficient observation work.
The following functions are available.

Install results of New ARS

Southwest sea of Japan is the area with the most numerous and extreme typhoon in the world.
Observation data in this area plays significant role in predicting typhoon course and intensity.
Meisei ARS is installed in this area where missing observation is never permitted, even during strong winds and heavy rains.


The above mentioned information are current as of September 2017.

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